Princess Spa Party

HERE YE, HERE YE...... The Princess requests your presence at her Private Royal Spa Party. The Princess and her Princess in the making friends will be pampered with a list of Royal Spa Services to choose from and will later participate in a Royal After Party Bash. Services like Sparkling Mini Manicures, Spectacular Mini Pedicures, Glittery Make-Up, Refreshing Mini Facials, Glitzy Hair Styles and/or Enchanting Mini Massages; all for entertainment purposes, are only the beginning of this Royal Event. After being pampered at the Royal Spa and prepped for the Royal After Party Bash, the Princess cordially invites her guests to attend a Party where the Princess and her friends will give a Royal Performance based on the Party Theme of the Princesses choosing. This Royal Bash may include Music, Disco Lights, Karaoke, a Fashion Show, a Rock N' Roll Concert, Fairy Wings, Glitter Hair, Boas...... This Royal Performance will be sure to entertain. My Little Princess Spa Party offers Party Packages for all g irls, tha t are Royal Princesses, Posh Fairies, Rockin' Divas or Glamorous Royalty. Celebrate your Princesses special day with a Spa Party she will never forget. Whether it be her Birthday, Graduation, Year End Party or Just For Fun Party; we have a Party Theme for all Little Princesses.

Our Girl Spa Party services are not real cosmetology services. They are just for entertainment.